Imagine a dynamic and effective team!

How would that change your process and what new outcomes would it create?

Achieve your goals faster: improve processes, communication and team structure


Does rework cost you thousands? Are decisions made slowly? Does no one take personal or team accountability? When processes are effective, things get done without waste or rework, you can focus on the things that matter, and achieve results. More


What happens when someone is not in the right position? How would you identify that? Understanding your team members, their motivators, unique skills and talents is critical for team success and ensures that talent is not wasted! Get your team structure right so you can bring out the best in people. More


A team that communicates well, is effective, produces results, and creates an environment that people enjoy being in! Communication occurs within a process – improving process and communication is essential to achieving your vision. More

“Going through Ross’ Presentation Skills Workshop, allowed me to plant my feet more firmly and deliver my message with much more confidence and conviction”

Stacey Randell
Executive Officer, Manly Chamber of Commerce

“Ross Blaikie’s Presentation skills course was excellent. A wonderful balance between solid information and front of the room practice. With the addition of video tapping your efforts so you can see exactly where and what you need to improve upon. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Rowena Kempton
Owner/Director, Wellness Tsunami

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