Learning, not just training

A training course will only go so far in helping your staff learn something of value that they can take back into the workplace. Our programs ensure that learning occurs firstly through on-the-job experience, secondly through interactive formats such as individual & group coaching, knowledge sharing & collaboration, webinars & podcasts, action learning, role plays, scenarios & simulations; and finally through formal classroom training.

All learning programs can be aligned to a set of competencies that are important to your organisation. Learning programs can be delivered in various formats, i.e., multiple short sessions over a period of time, or as 1 or 2 blocks. Each learning program will be designed to ensure that the formal training course is not the key focus of the learning, but instead a method of introduction and reinforcement of the topic. Learners will have access to the facilitator for ongoing discussion and coaching. The exact method of delivery will depend on your needs, constraints, and what you are hoping to achieve. Training programs are offered in-house right across Sydney. Public courses are generally located on the Northern Beaches.

Design and Develop Effective Teams

Video course – 1 hour

Have you just started a team, or about to? Not sure how to structure the team to ensure you achieve the success you are wanting or needing?

This course will focus on – How to move your team through the four stages of team development, How to structure your team to ensure you have the right people in the right job. More

Lead High Performing Teams

Video course – 1 hour

This course will show you how to lead your team to high performance, through:

  • Learning what motivates your team
  • Making people feel smart
  • Building a foundation of trust within the team
  • Adapting your communication style to be effective with all your team members
  • Managing team performance through great questions and conversation
  • Conducting difficult conversations


Reduce Rework For Your Team

Video course – 1 hour

Successful projects and teams start with planning. Many engineers plan the project well, having a good understanding of the time cost and quality required for each task, but do not think about how the team will work together.

It can come as a rude shock, when your perfect project plan is blown out of the water because of team conflict. That’s what this training course will help you with…how to plan your team for success. More