Team structure


What happens when someone is not in the right position? How would you identify that? Understanding your team members, their motivators, unique skills and talents is critical for team success and ensures that talent is not wasted! Get your team structure right so you can bring out the best in people.

To lead your team to high performance, we work with you, using lean six sigma methodology, to develop and implement

  • Roles & Responsibilities (Team Structure)  – You may have people in your organisation that have untapped creative genius! Just imagine if you could uncover hidden talent, and then allow people to use it – the contribution of your staff would increase, and your business will grow without having to employ additional people. Clear roles enable an effective structure where people are clear on how they are contributing to the vision, and how they can bring their best.
  • Competency Frameworks and In-house Development ProgramsA competency framework provides a focused approach to learning & development. We can develop competency frameworks and learning programs for all levels of your organisation, from Graduates through to Managers. The outcome of a competency framework is a learning program that is sustainable, and a culture where people are looking for learning and development opportunities in their daily work activities.

Looking for Training? Click here for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt courses, or online courses that can support your Team Structure.