Technically Assured Organisation

Do you, or are you planning to compete for work with Transport for NSW? We specialise in the development of competency frameworks and assessment and can help you get ready for Technically Assured Organisation status (formerly called Authorised Engineering Organisation / AEO).

Any organisation that wishes to compete for work with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), will need to attain Technically Assured Organisation (TAO) status.

When seeking authorisation, an organisation must show the Asset Management Branch (ASB) that they have appropriate systems and procedures in place for the following:

  • engineering management
  • competency management
  • configuration management
  • quality management
  • systems engineering

Competency management can seem like a complex and expensive idea, but it is simply a way of introducing rigour and structure to the way that people learn and attain a certain level of competence.

To build a competency management process, the following is recommended:

  • Analysis of your current systems and procedures for each element require by the ASB, and conduct a gap analysis, assisting you to determine the best way forward.
  • Develop a competency Management Framework and assessment procedure, which may involve the following:
  • Develop a list of competencies that align with your scope of services
  • Develop and align on the job experiences for each competency
  • Develop a process that allows individuals to show evidence of how they have attained a competency
  • Develop an assessment process
  • Provide formal and informal learning opportunities for each competency
  • Alignment of Systems and Structures – job descriptions, performance management systems
  • Determination and assessment of the in-house assessors

An organisation may have a Performance Management system, a training calendar and Job Descriptions containing high-level competency requirements. But many organisations will not have a formal way of linking technical competencies to learning and assessment. But to attain the status of TAO, this is what is needed. We will work with your current systems and procedures to ensure alignment with the competency framework

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