Imagine if your team was Dynamic and Effective. How would that change things for you? Do you wish your team was Dynamic and Effective?

Is your first thought in response… “I have no idea how to achieve that or what it means for me and my team”

Here are two steps to take, 1) Define what dynamic means, and 2) Define what effective means. Simple, but important. These words will mean different things for different types of businesses.

Step 1: Define Dynamic – For some, dynamic means being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. For others, it means being a thought leader and constantly innovating. But for many, it means not accepting the status quo and continuously looking for ways to improve. What does it mean for you?

Step 2: Define Effective  – You can only define what it means to be effective with the definition of dynamic in mind.

To figure out what may need to change in your team to be effective, here are a few things to think about.

·      Does your team have the same vision as you? Or do they even understand it?

·      What processes (or lack of…) are currently holding you back?

·      Do you feel like you are starting from scratch every time you start a new project?

·      Do you trust your team to deliver, do they trust you, and do they trust each other?

There are more questions to ask of course, but these are a good starting point on the road to being effective. For businesses on the Central Coast, Newcastle and in Sydney, I am keen to hear your answers to these questions!