Ever had that experience where you think someone else is completing a piece of work, when in fact they are not, only for you to discover later that it was meant to be YOU completing the work? And what about the office gossiping about that one person who no one seems to know exactly what it is they do? And then there is that time when no one could make a decision, because no one knew who had authority, or there were simply too many people involved in decision making.

The main reason for poor performing teams that I would like to focus on is Poor Team Structure, and for a bit more detail, check out the video below


Where the team structure is not right, there are a couple of key problems you may have observed:

1. Overlap of Work and Responsibilities: team members are unsure of what they are meant to be doing (or why!) and consequently you end up with two or more people undertaking the same work – Inefficiency!!!

2. Slow Decision Making: a poor team structure, or one that is unclear, can lead to no-one making a decision, or too many people becoming involved in decision making.

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