Have you ever had that experience where you feel incredibly busy, but when you look around the office it seems like no one else is working as hard? Or perhaps worse, when you are the team leader and your team members tell you they could not possibly take on any more work because they are too busy!

These experiences and comments can leave you feeling pretty confused. Your immediate response might be, “well you can’t be as busy as me”, or “hang on, don’t you work for me, shouldn’t you be just doing what I ask you?”

I wouldn’t recommend responding with the above comments, but clearly something has to be done. There is an issue to be resolved, whether real or perceived. Uncovering what is really going on requires visibility into what people are doing in their day to day work. You may discover that your team members truly are at capacity, or you may discover there is inefficiency in how they and the whole team are completing their work and interacting with each other.

To gain visibility over what is going on within the team, a good team structure is required. A structure that provides clarity for each person, creates efficiency, and puts the team on a path toward high performance.

Does this sound familiar? Check out this story below, and for more information on the problems associated with Poor Team Structure and how to fix them (and much more!!), check out our new course, Design and Develop Effective Teams.