Most of us have been involved with teams in the workplace. It seems like a fairly natural way to do work. Everyone dreams of being a part of great team. If I ask you to imagine what a great team looks like, you will probably come up with a list of phrases including; great communication; great people to work with; collaboration; getting things done; on the same page; focused on a common goal; and more!

The reality however is different. If I ask you to share an experience of a team that was not successful, you will all have an image of what that terrible team was like to work in!

A successful team does not need to be all good or all bad. Teams will go through a development process, with the overall goal to become a high performing team.

Bruce Tuckman published his research, in 1965, into team development titled “Tuckman’s stages of group development”. The four stages include Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Check out our video on Tuckman’s model of team development here. And if you are keen to explore this further, we have a new course titled “Design and Develop Effective Teams”, which includes a range of strategies for you to lead your team through the four stages of team development.