Leading a high performing team is a great catch phrase, but perhaps remains a dream for most managers. So how do you actually do it? What steps should you take to get there? How can you engineer a successful team?

Check out our new video course here, that will support you as you lead your team to high performance, through:

  • Learning what motivates your team
  • Making people feel smart
  • Building a foundation of trust within the team
  • Adapting your communication style to be effective with all your team members
  • Managing team performance through great questions and conversation
  • Conducting difficult conversations

This course provides you with a great introduction to what it takes to lead a high performing team, and gives you practical tools and techniques to use immediately with your team.

Course duration is approximately one hour, with 10 lectures. Each lecture includes additional downloadable resources and templates, enabling you to implement the ideas presented through this course.