When running a presentation skills course I make it clear that everyone has their own personal, natural style and that this style should be enhanced, or perhaps it needs to be discovered for the first time. But what does this mean when one’s natural style is a flat deadpan voice, with no emotion, no passion, and poor body language?

Clearly, something needs to change to ensure you get your message across and your audience stays engaged. But the question is, what needs to change, and how much? If a person has a deadpan voice, then changing this style to one of extreme enthusiasm ‘Tony Robbins style’ is perhaps too big a jump, and probably not a good fit with that persons personality. Someone with a deadpan voice is probably a fairly conservative type, so the presentation style should remain fairly conservative, but should delivered in a way that engages.

You can make small changes to your vocal variety in order to engage your audience, without going overboard. It is simple really…lower your volume when telling a story, vary the pitch and tone when you are making an important point. Small changes like these will make a huge difference to your presentation style, but will not compromise your personality. And speaking in a deadpan voice is actually ok – in small doses!

But remember, vocal variety is just one part of delivering a successful presentation. Come along to our Presentation Skills course on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney to learn how!