One of the things I love about facilitating DiSC training sessions with a team is seeing those light bulbs go off, or when people chuckle to themselves when they recognise their own behaviour.

Now DiSC is a pretty simple tool and this is actually one of the reasons I like to use it to help teams communicate more effectively. It gives an outline of one’s preferred communicating style, at a moment in time. Which means that it is not a tool that puts people in boxes, but rather gives an insight into their communication style, the style of those around them, and ideas on how to adapt to other people and situations.

So many teams do not now how to resolve conflict, but knowledge of DiSC and communications styles can help people communicate more effectively, discovering that areas of difference and conflict, can actually become areas that complement each other. A person with  a particular weakness can draw on others for their strengths..

Stay tuned for some examples of how different styles that can be the source of conflict, can be turn out to be complementary!